Self-contained compressed air operated breathing apparatus

Product Description

Self-contained compressed air operated breathing apparatus SCBA

Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China
Brand Name:Rong Gui
Air cylinder volume:6L
Mack:full mask
Working Presure:30 Mpa
Air Deposit(L):1800
Using Time(min):55-60
Alarm Presure(Mpa):4-6
Weight (12kg):≤12
Packing:1 set /ctn
Dimension:76*29*49 cm

1. RHZK series self-contained open-circuit compressed air breathing apparatus are used widely for fire-fighting, chemical industry, shipping, laboratory, mine, pertroleum, warehose, factory and metallurgy.

2. It can provide effetely respiratory protecting from toxic for fire-fighting, life-saver, rescuer and operator who working in thick smoke, steam, and oxygen deficiency hazardous atmosphere.

3. The product was awarded the certificate of inspection by state quality testing center for fire-fighting equipment, and meets standard requirements (EU) 2017/306,tem No. MED/3.7. SOLAS 74 as amended, Regulation II-2/10 & X/3, 2000 HSC Code 7, FSS Code 3, IBC Code 14, IGC Code 14 and IMO MSC.1/Circ.1499
Cylinder Material:Alloy steel

Cylinder Volume:6L

Gas storage capacity:1800L

Using Time (min):55-60

Working pressure:300bar



Category: Emergency escape breathing devices